Friday, October 1, 2010

Enter here: UNBLOCKED art print

To enter to win this awesome print, all you have to do is be a follower of This Is Not My Day Job and leave a comment below with your contact info!

If you want to be extra awesome, though, there are two things I'd love it if you did:

1. Go visit Citrus Tree on Etsy. I told you what my favorite prints and pieces are; I'd love to hear what you like! Tell me in the comments for an extra entry.

2. Share the contest via Twitter, Facebook or your blog. I'd love to know about that, too - tell me about it for an extra entry. Please link back to the contest intro on my main page:

Good luck, guys!


  1. Perfect Pair! And Shower...Oh, and Fly, because I love anything with birds. And Stormy Swamp is awesome. Summer Heat...And finally, "I Used To Like People a Lot More."

    Enough for ya? :)

    I'll add up a link on my sidebar!

  2. Crap. My email address is dream(dot)traveling(at)gmail(dot)com. Got carried away in the pics!

  3. Love, love, love writing art :) Yay! I linked your contest on my sidebar at

    My favorites at Citrus Tree are The Best Things in Life, Caged, Bunny with a Side of Zebra, and Once in a Blue Moon (even though it's creepy lol)

    I also love EVERYTHING Johanna Wright has on Etsy...

    Thanks for the chance to enter! :)

  4. okay this one is awesome!

    I Love CAGED! and of course UNBLOCKED too...there were a few - the camera art was nice as well ;o)


    You are linked on my sidebar!

    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

  5. What a great print! I visited the web page and I liked the Patterned Puppies one best and the punctuation united one best.

    I'll put up a link to your contest in my next post, which will be next Tuesday probably.
    My e-mail address is

  6. Sounds great. Thank you for sharing. I should go check it out.

  7. "Three Little Birds..." of course!